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Cat Beds House

Cat Beds House

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Introducing our versatile Cat Bed – the ultimate haven for your feline companion's relaxation and amusement. Designed for easy care, you can choose between machine washing and hand washing to keep it pristine. Furthermore, to maintain its plush softness and fluffiness, simply let it soak up the sunlight on bright days. This cat bed's clever folding design ensures space-saving storage, making it incredibly convenient. But that's not all – when unfolded, it becomes an enticing tunnel toy for multiple cats to frolic in. Crafted from long plush, it offers exceptional softness and warmth, pampering your pet's skin, while the high-quality PP cotton filling guarantees a sound and rejuvenating sleep. Treat your beloved pet to the best of comfort and entertainment with our Cat Bed.




Origin: CN
Material: 100% Cotton
Sizes : Cat Bed 95cm Ciameter
Entryway diameter: 26cm
Height: 28cm

Package Includes:
1 × Pet Bed

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